Xpress Ads in Lethbridge

Lethbridge lies southeast of Calgary and is the largest city in southern Alberta. Central to Lethbridge’s economy are the domains of health, education, retail and hospitality; while the city’s top five employers are government-related. South Alberta’s sole university is the University of Lethbridge. Businesses around the city can a certain specialty of ours at Minuteman Press to directly introduce their services or products to potential clientele. We are a reliable, local source for a variety of marketing solutions and we guarantee premium Xpress Ads in Lethbridge.

Direct mail advertising solutions, such as our Xpress Ads, can be ideal for enterprises seeking to expand their scope on a limited budget. Businesses around Lethbridge can reach thousands of potential new customers for just pennies each, far cheaper than most other conventional methods of publicity such as radio, television, or magazine advertising.

Ads can be easily passed along to family, friends or colleagues who may be in need of the advertised services or products, thus further expanding the number of potential clients reached. A call to action, such as a discount coupon or promotion included on the ad itself, can greatly drive a local business’ sales and prompt new customers to visit the business or make a purchase.

At Minuteman Press, we know how to get a business noticed. Contact our knowledgeable, reliable team of print experts today to further inquire about our Xpress Ads in Lethbridge.