Promotional Products in Leduc

Stores and salons in this area find that promotional products in Leduc offer an excellent method of sharing information with the public about special sales throughout the year. At Minuteman Press, we offer quick services and an exceptional design team ready to meet your needs. Leduc is considered a green, safe, and friendly community in which to raise a growing family. Visitors to this area often enjoy a stroll through the Stone Barn Garden, the William F. Lede Park, or the Alberta Heritage Exposition Park, which is a pioneer village that displays and demonstrates artifacts, as well as information on how the pioneers lived so long ago. Many visitors and functions are held each year at the Leduc Golf and Country Club.

Small retail outlets in this community find that promotional products in Leduc are an exceptional way to publicize seasonal sales that are happening at their locations. Often, banners, flyers, and posters are distributed throughout the community at various shopping malls, community hubs, and recreational centers to encourage people to stop in and shop. Sometimes, flyers are inserted into free publications and sent out to each homeowner.

Hair salons in this area also find that during special seasons, it is great to use promotional products in Leduc to encourage residents and visitors to stop in for a new hair-do. Often, the hair salons choose flyers for this purpose, as they can be created and ordered in large numbers inexpensively. These businesses often pay students to visit various locations and place them on public advertising boards. At Minuteman Press, we offer free quotes and volume discounts, so call us now for yours.