Mailing in Leduc

Leduc, a city in the province of Alberta, was first established in 1899 when a settler bought a piece of land near the lake, spawning a settlement that took root at the spot. Accounts vary on how Leduc got its name, but the more official version of the story relates to a priest, Father Hippolyte Leduc, who had been selflessly serving the area since 1867. The small city has prospered over time and become a base for the oil and gas industry. Businesses in the city communicate and prosper through mailing in Leduc. Promotional printed material is circulated extensively, and we at Minuteman Press are dedicated to assisting local industries by providing printing solutions.

The Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts and the Leduc Recreation Centre are the two premier entertainment venues of the city. The former is a large theatre, while the latter features three NHL-sized arenas, an aquatic centre and a curling rink. Both venues are popular among locals for hosting various activities that require promotion.

The Leduc Business Park and the Nisku Industrial Park both contain a large number of enterprises. The business community thrives and continues to grow through a number of factors, one of which is mailing in Leduc. Printed promotional materials are easily circulated through the city via mailing in Leduc, with flyers, brochures and banners being used to promote companies and events. Holiday cards, business cards and other commercial stationary is a requirement of a successful enterprise. We, at Minuteman Press provide all printing solutions for the corporate world. For a quote, call or visit our website.