Xpress Ads in Edmonton

Edmonton is located within the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, which is the province’s most urbanized center. Also known as the ‘Gateway to the North’, it is the country’s largest northern metropolis and acts as a link via air, road and rail to many of Canada’s northern communities. The city is the site of the West Edmonton Mall (North America’s biggest shopping mall) as well as Fort Edmonton Park (the country’ s largest living history museum). In a large metropolis with a competitive business economy, trusted, versatile marketing approaches are always in demand. At Minuteman Press, we supply Xpress Ads to help local businesses better reach their targeted customers.

Xpress Ads are a proven successful form of direct mail advertising through which a business can expect to gain an average of 50 new clients per standard 10, 000 piece mailing kit. With simple yet effectively designed ads, businesses in and around Edmonton can promote new products and services, direct customers to a website or social media page, call potential clients to action with promotions and seasonal offers, or publicize annual sales and events.

Xpress Ads are one of the most affordable forms of direct marketing, and prices for these all-inclusive mailer kits include the design, printing, processing, mailing and delivery of the ads straight into the hands of potential new clients.

At Minuteman Press, we know how to make businesses thrive with vibrant, quality Xpress Ads in Edmonton. Contact our dependable team of print experts today to receive a free quote.