Direct Mail Printing in Airdrie

The city of Airdrie, Alberta was named after the Scottish city of the same name, and they are also sister cities. One popular annual event, which attracts people from all over is the Festival of Lights. The city is practically a suburb of Calgary and many residents of Airdrie work there. There are, however, many small and medium-sized businesses located closer to home that employ a number of residents. Businesses use many forms of advertising and will occasionally invest in services such as direct mail printing in Airdrie. Minuteman Press can provide this and many other services to the local business community.

Direct mail printing is used mainly for advertising purposes. Airdrie business leaders may decide that the best way to market their products and/or services is to invest in direct mailing provided by printing companies.

The client will place an order to print marketing materials such as postcards and flyers, which will then be sent out directly from the printing company. This saves money, since the items are sent out in bulk. The printing company will either use a mailing list provided by the client or will create one based on specific criteria.

Companies looking for direct mail printing in Airdrie are encouraged to contact us at Minuteman Press for help. We can provide these and many other services to the local business community at reasonable prices. Call today.