Alberta veterans honored in Edmonton

October 18, 2015 by  

Four veterans who fought in World War Two were recently honored at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton when they were presented with the French Legion of Honor.

The medals, which are the highest honor that France can bestow upon an individual and the equivalent to the order of Canada, were given to James Stout, Alexander McLaren, Ira Haight and William McGreggor for their efforts during the war.

Mr. McGregor, who was one of the soldiers who had landed on Normandy, didn’t expect to have been the recipient of such a distinction. He remarked that after the conflict was over, he had gone on in his life, and that it was nice to have been thought of again.

The Government of France has plans to confer 400 more of the medals to Canadian veterans. A business that prints stationery can produce specially designed certificates that can be given to each of the recipients to help commemorate their special day.

Mr. McLaren’s daughter, who was on hand for the presentation, noted it had taken her father, who is 91 now, a long time to open up about what he had seen and done during the war, but he has begun to talk about it more often. She pointed out that paying tribute like this helps to honor not only her father, but also everyone else who was there, including the men like her uncle who never came back home.