A taste of Scotland to come to Stoney Creek area

November 25, 2016 by  

A special New Year’s event has been planned for the Stoney Creek area that will allow the public to experience a traditional celebration in 19th-Century style.

Dundurn Castle will be hosting an evening New Year’s party a few days ahead of time. Guests will have a chance to enjoy a special tour of the home and property, and there will also be period music and traditional foods that will be served to them in the home’s kitchen.

Since the original owner of the castle, Sir Allan MacNab, was very proud of his Scottish heritage, the festivities will have a feel that has been organized around Scottish traditions. Digital printing can be put to use in crafting decorations for an event such as this that will fit in well with the overall theme of the occasion.

The party will be held on two different evenings so that as many people as possible will have an opportunity to get in on the fun. Since the planners will need to know how many to expect and the tickets for the event tend to go fast, people who are interested in attending are asked to purchase theirs well ahead of time.

Dundurn Castle’s ‘Ring in the New Year’ celebration will be held on December 29 and 30. Tickets to take part have been priced at $27.00 each, and further details are available on Hamilton’s website.