Xpress Ads in Burnaby

Burnaby, British Columbia is the home of the regional government. It became a city in 1992 and is located right next to Vancouver. Named after explorer Robert Burnaby, it is known, among other things, for being the birthplace of actor Michael J. Fox. There are many businesses of all sizes located here, including game designer Electronic Arts and Telus Communications. To advertise, some of these businesses invest in Xpress Ads in Burnaby. When they do, Minuteman Press can provide that service.

Xpress Ads are an inexpensive way to advertise in the Burnaby area. They are one-page cards that can feature a number of advertisements, coupons and business-reply cards. They are mailed out to thousands of local businesses and residences in a specific area.

A printing company will handle every step of the ads. It will design them with the input of the client, print them in bulk and directly mail them out using the postal service. The cost is all-inclusive. Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective types of advertising campaigns since it can reach a large number of people all at one time.

Minuteman Press has provided services such as our Xpress Ads in Burnaby for years. We have an excellent reputation in the local business community due to our quality printed products. Give us a call today to receive a free quote.