Canvas Printers in New Westminster

New Westminster, British Columbia is a city located on the Fraser River. The name was chosen by Queen Victoria and was the original capital of the province. There are a wide variety of industries located here including shipping. When companies wish to provide gifts to their suppliers or employees they often contact canvas printers in New Westminster. At Minuteman Press, we can provide products that are printed on a number of different materials.

Canvas prints are created on an inkjet printer in many different sizes and shapes. The finished product looks artistic and can be used for all occasions. The majority of items recreated on a canvas print are likely photographs. These can be photographs of the area, of people or of the company office and they can be used as décor or for corporate and retirement gifts. Once they are framed they will stand up beside any other artworks. Most companies will work with their local printing company to create these items. That way there is plenty of time for one-on-one meetings to discuss the project. A professional printing company will also provide advice on design if needed.

At Minuteman Press, we are dedicated to providing the local business community with the printed products they need. When they are looking for canvas printers in New Westminster they only have to call us for the help they need. Give us a call or drop by our shop to learn more.