Maple Ridge workshop to teach art of baking croissants

February 12, 2019 by  

Whether it’s served on its own fresh from the oven or made into a sandwich, many people enjoy a good croissant. A Maple Ridge class will give the public a chance to learn how they can make them at home on their own, so they can enjoy them any time they wish.

Chef Stephan Schigas, a chef at Blacksmith Bakery, will guide the class through the steps needed to bake the perfect croissant. The skills he will teach can be used in many other types of baking, and the event promises there will be lots of laughter while the students learn.

The class will take approximately four hours and will be held in the company’s test kitchen. Pupils will be welcome to take the fruits of their labours home with them to share, however, many times, they find they look so tasty they don’t wait.

The planners of the session explain that, as the pastries can take longer to prepare than the actual time allotted for the class, they preliminary steps will be performed before the students arrive. However, these will still be taught to the attendees. Print shops can provide cards for a class like this that have been printed with the recipe used during a class like this, which will make it easier for learners to prepare them at home.

Blacksmith Test Kitchen will be offering this workshop on March 16th. It is located in Maple Ridge at 11730 Stewart Crescent.