Workshop teaches how to grow own organic food

February 11, 2019 by  

Growing food using organic methods may sound like a complicated endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. A Chilliwack workshop will explore the subject in depth and will give those who participate information that can show just how easy developing an environmentally friendly green thumb can be.

The sessions will be held in pairs of two, and those who are interested can choose the ones that best fit their schedule. The goal will be to teach people how they can make the most of whatever gardening space they have so they can enjoy fresh food anytime they wish.

Dan, who is a market gardener from Local Harvest, will share his knowledge and skills with the group. The classes will include a garden tour, and the subjects covered will range from how to select the best site for a vegetable patch to gardening in the fall and winter. There will be hands on components in each workshop, and the registration fee for each course pairing is $125.00.

To help the students get their new gardens off to a great start, they will all go home armed with information as well as two seed trays and the seeds and soil needed to start some transplants. Guides can be a valuable reference for those who are new to gardening, and they can be prepared for events like these by print shops.

These classes that have been designed to help local people develop food security, will be held at 7697 Lickman Road. The dates can be selected upon registration.