Moose Jaw hosts regional gaming expo

February 8, 2019 by  

Gamers of all stripes were welcomed to Moose Jaw at the start of February for the latest edition of the semi-annual Gaming Expo, or GAX.

The gathering, held since 2010, is the largest and longest-lasting gaming event in Saskatchewan. It aims to appeal to fans of video games of any genre, as well as more old-school pursuits like card and board gaming.

This year’s winter GAX was held from February 1 to 3 at St. Joseph’s Church. Gamers could compete in today’s popular multiplayer games like League of Legends, World of Tanks, and Awesomenauts, but more classic games like Unreal Tournament 2004, Worms Revolution and Team Fortress 2 were also on offer. One of the highlights was a Super Smash Brothers tournament, which was ultimately won by Carter “Beezy” Duncan.

Local connections and friendships are important even for digital gaming, allowing players to find likeminded individuals and develop their skills in a more welcoming environment than online play. Whether it be a special event like GAX or a weekly meet-up, gaming events often advertise through social media, as well as means like poster and banner printing.

GAX is hosted by the Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association, a nonprofit organization. In addition to developing the local gaming community, it aims to give back to regional children’s charities and causes. Proceeds from the most recent GAX were donated to local schools to help build literacy programs.