Mississauga showcase for destination weddings only

December 25, 2018 by  

While some engaged couples may dream of a large wedding, others would prefer to have a smaller, destination affair. These couples may wish to stop by a Mississauga event that has been planned with them in mind.

The event will bring together vendors, destination representatives and others in the industry, all under one roof.

The organizers of the function have built a curated group of businesses. These companies will be setting up displays and there will be informative presentations to help guests in planning their special day. Cocktails will be served, and each couple will be able to enjoy a one-on-one consultation with an Ultimate Wedding specialist. A fashion show will also take place in the afternoon, displaying clothing options for a destination wedding.

To help make brides and grooms attending the function to make the most from their time, they will all be given a welcome kit. When organizers of events like this provide information packs, they tend to include promotional pens, agendas or notebooks, making it simple for guests to make notes they can refer to later. Business cards can also be prepared for vendors, making sharing their contact details a snap.

This opportunity for Mississauga couples to receive some help in planning the destination wedding of their dreams will take place on February 24th at 300 City Centre Drive.