Fisheries conference to be held in London

December 11, 2018 by  

A group of academics and other experts in the area of fisheries and maritime life will gather in London, Ontario this January for the 2019 edition of the Canadian Conference for Freshwater Fisheries Research.

The focus of the conference will be “resilience, adaptation and mitigation strategies for conserving Canada’s aquatic resources.” While London is far away from the major fisheries, the issue of how to adjust the major industry to changing conditions is one that could affect all Canadians.

The conference will take place between January 3 and 6 at the London Convention Centre, hosted by the University of Western Ontario. Like most academic conferences, it will mostly consist of short academic panels organized into groups and symposia.

Topics of these symposia include ‘Impacts of Unconventional Oil Production and Transport’, ‘Liminology at the Landscape Level’ and ‘Genomics and eDNA Applications in Fisheries and Conservatories’.

Those in the London area may notice an influx of fishy folks wearing lanyards and hurrying to print shops to run off a last-minute revision of their papers. Academic conventions also function as a form of professional networking and sometimes include job interviews, so there may be business cards and CVs mixed in with the research. The conference dates back to 1948, when the initial meeting was held in Ottawa, making this the 72nd annual meeting.