Calgary class will teach how to decorate like a pro

December 9, 2018 by  

A workshop planned for Calgary will be teaching home bakers how to turn a plain cake into one that is sure to get attention, and they will even get to taste test their creations.

The rosette design will be the order of the day for this Crave Cookies and Cupcakes workshop. Each student will be invited to choose a custom colour for their masterpiece, and they will then cut, fill, and decorate it with the assistance of the instructor.

The workshop will start off with a lesson in how to cut a cake into several layers, and once this is done, it will be filled with buttercream. Next, the pupils will learn how to apply a layers of frosting to seal in any crumbs that might spoil the final look. After this, the finish will be smoothed and made ready to the application of the frosting rosettes as well as text and borders, so long as time permits.

All of the registrants for the class will receive the materials needed to complete the project, including a cake, frosting, and the use of any tools that are needed to complete the look. The recipe for both the dessert on icing can be printed on cards by area print shops, and these can then be given to each person who participates in this type of event.

Crave will be offering this class which will see members of the public discover how to decorate a cake like a pro. It has been planned for January 30 at 1107 Kensington Road Northwest.