“Sugo” restaurant opens in historic Guelph house

December 6, 2018 by  

A new Guelph restaurant hopes to honour both the city’s diverse palate and the historic building it occupies. Sugo on Surrey is an Italian fusion restaurant owned and operated by married couple Alex and Marisa Tami. It’s run out of a 150-year-old house originally owned by local industrialist William Allen.

The restaurant aims to capture the Canadian cultural mosaic, grounded in Tami’s Italian heritage but featuring a taste of cuisines from around the world. The menu features typical Italian dishes like gnocchi, ravioli and osso buco, as well as wider-ranging dishes like pecan-encrusted cod and Thai pizza. Marisa Tami stated:

“We are all from different backgrounds, all of us working here. There’s Italian heritage but we are Canadian born and raised. We want to have that melting pot that we have in Canada with all of its different cultures.”

Alex Tami grew up in Guelph and went to culinary school in North Bay before returning to his hometown to manage Symposium. He will be managing the front of the house while Brian Baxendale serves as executive chef.

Getting attention for a new restaurant can be difficult. Owners often use flyer printing, social media, and poster printing to advertise the location. For Sugo, the retrofitted old house will definitely play a part in drawing the eyes of Guelphites. Tami’s father and brother, who run local construction company Tambro, helped with the renovations. The name “Sugo” comes from the Italian word for “sauce.”