Three-day workshop offers education to business community

November 26, 2018 by  

The Command and Conquer workshop is coming to Calgary for three days next month, presented by Measurable Genius.

The three-day workshop will concentrate on several topics of interest to business leaders and entrepreneurs. Among some of the themes to be discussed will be finding new leads, business education, and decision making for business professionals. The workshop will be led by Alexander Ford.

In addition to being an educational opportunity, this event is also a chance for small business leaders and entrepreneurs to network with their peers. There will be three lunches and a dinner where participants will have time to discuss their businesses and to hand out their business cards.

Lunches and dinner are covered by the workshop fees. Participants will also receive a workbook to help them retain all that they learn during the three days.

It is likely that many of those who are planning to attend this Calgary event will be placing a new business card printing order with their favorite printing company. This will ensure that they have enough up-to-date cards to exchange with others they meet.

The Command and Conquer workshop will be held at Macdonald Hall at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Workshop fees are $497 per person and $197 for each additional team member. Call 403-454-5968 to learn more.