Vancouver class to share the art of rock painting

August 2, 2018 by  

Vancouver residents who have always wanted to try their hand at the therapeutic art of rock painting may wish to save room in their calendar for a workshop taking place in the city this fall.

Students in the two-hour long class will learn a variety of techniques that they can use to add a mandala or another design of their choice to one or two stones. The paints used will be high-quality acrylics, and the painters can choose the colours they wish to use.

Once the design has been painted on the rock, the whole thing will be covered with a coat of sealant. This will add a glossy look to the piece while helping to ensure that it will be able to withstand both exposure to water and UV light. The organizers noted that all are welcome, and those who would like to participate do not need to have any previous experience.

The fee to register for the workshop starts at $35 each, and it will run for two hours. Flyers and other promotional products that can aid in marketing an event like this can be produced by an area printer.

September 18 will be the date for this creative opportunity, and other dates may be available. The organizer can be contacted through the activity’s Facebook page for further details.