Vancouver blue heron colony to be destination of spring walk

May 9, 2018 by  

Vancouver’s Stanley Park is home to a thriving nesting colony of great blue herons, and during a walk next month, the public will pay a visit to the vicinity of this noisy bird nursery.

This event will be this year’s first visit to the heron colony, and it will be guided by a member of the park’s staff. It is open to the public and is being offered free of charge to supporters of the Adopt a Nest program.

Those who participate in this educational opportunity will get a chance to observe the birds without disturbing them, and will learn about what baby herons need to survive. They will watch the babies as they prepare to be able to leave their nests, and the walk is scheduled to take place over two hours. Anyone who is interested is welcome, and the ticket price starts at $5 each.

This visit to the nesting area for these large wading birds has been planned for June 3, and the group will set out at 10:00 am. Educational materials that give information about herons and the ecosystem they inhabit, maps and other items can be prepared by a brochure printing company to distribute during an event like this.

Anyone who is interested in taking part in the learning opportunity can find more information on the Park’s website. They can also contact to ask any questions they might have.