Milton residents are being offered the chance to save a life 

December 24, 2017 by  

This winter, Milton residents are asked to consider giving a gift that could make all the difference for someone who has been in an accident, is having surgery or who is living with certain medical conditions.

Canadian Blood Services will be holding a blood donor clinic in the community, and it is hoping that Milton residents can once again be counted on to be generous. The process of making a donation takes about an hour to complete, and the blood that is given will be used to help people with cancer, autoimmune issues, hemophilia and in a variety of other situations.

When someone arrives at the clinic, thy will receive a warm welcome and will have a chance to register. They will be asked a few questions and have a mini-checkup, and if all is well, they will be able to make a contribution. Once their donation is complete, they will rest a for a few minutes, enjoy a light snack, and they will then be able to go about their day.

Those who would like to participate are reminded to bring along their ID, and a donor card if they have one. Pop up banners can be printed that can be set up at each of a mobile donation clinic’s stops.

Milton will be hosting the blood donation drive on January 13th, and it will begin at 8:00 at 605 Santa Maria Boulevard. More information can be obtained by contacting 1-888-2-DONATE.