Vaughan cancer survivors invited to local celebration

December 21, 2017 by  

Many advancements have been made in the treatment of a wide variety of cancers, and during the Butterflies and Fireflies brunch, which will be held in Vaughan, survivors of these diseases will have an opportunity to celebrate their remission.

The brunch, which is being held as part of World Cancer Day, will serve as an opportunity for cancer survivors to come together to network, support each other and celebrating beating the disease. Cocktails will be served, and those who have won their battle with the disease, those are currently fighting it, and friends, families or other supporters are all welcome.

According to the organizers, the function will be an upbeat celebration of life and will also act as a fundraiser for Wellspring Cancer Support Network, which is a community based organization that helps people who have been touched by cancer. To maximize the impact of the day, a silent fundraising auction has been included in its agenda. A marketing services company can provide banner and many other items for this type of event.

Tickets for this afternoon that will celebrate survival has been planned for February 3 in the Universal Event Space at Studio 5 in Vaughan. The price per ticket has been set at $50, and all cancer survivors, those who are currently fighting with the disease as well as members of the public are all welcome to attend this celebration of life and strength.