Calgary workshop to explore Positive Parenting

December 6, 2017 by  

Calgary Parents and caregivers who are interested in adding to their childcare toolbox may wish to make plans to attend a series of workshops that will be taking place in the city.

The seminars, which have been dubbed ‘The Selected Triple P Series’, will provide an introduction to the strategies involved in Positive Parenting techniques. These particular classes are geared towards those who are caring for a child with physical, developmental or cognitive challenges, and the goal is for the participants to learn skills they can utilize at home with their own son or daughter.

The workshops are intended for those who have a child or children who are age 12 or younger. Attendees will learn how they can encourage their son or daughter to do their best and explore their full potential and also to support them as they navigate through the challenges they face.

Each parent or caregiver who takes part will walk away with a Triple P Seminar Series Tip Sheet that corresponds to the session they attended. A printer can use digital copying techniques to produce items like these that are meant for distribution during a class or other event.

The workshop series is scheduled to begin on March 1, and a total of three will be held. There is no registration fee being charged, and the Pacekids website includes more information for anyone who needs it.