Winnipeg invited to hear the tale of Gander

December 6, 2017 by  

A musical that tells the tale of a small Newfoundland town and the role it played in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 will soon be staged in Winnipeg, and all are invited to come and hear the story for themselves.

‘Come From Away’ relates how the town of Gander doubled its population in a day by welcoming 38 jumbo jets and other planes with a total of 6,579 passengers when their flights were diverted after the events of September 11 in the USA. It is directed by Christopher Ashley, and its Winnipeg performance will be brought to the community thanks to the support of Gail Asper Family Foundation and the Asper Foundation.

The Royal Manitoba Theatre Center, which is located at 174 Market Avenue, will be hosting the event on its John Hirsch Main stage, and the play will run for approximately one month. The story is suitable for all ages, and is the sort of production often supported with promotional posters, programs, brochures and other printed items.

‘Come From Away’ will be staged from January 4 until February 3, and the ticket prices will vary based upon their location in the theatre and whether or not the individual purchasing them is also a subscriber. Anyone who requires more information can obtain it by visiting the theatre’s website.