Vancouver expo to help build families

November 2, 2017 by  

There are many different options available for Vancouver residents who wish to add a new member to their family, and during a convention that will soon be taking place in the city, future parents to be will have a chance to explore the possibilities.

Those who attend the Fertility and Adoption Expo will be able to learn more about the different paths that they can take to add a child or children to their family. There will be an opportunity to connect with experts in the field of adoption, fertility, surrogacy and many other areas, and there will also be vendors on site as well. Participates can meet with others who are in a similar situation to their own, and there will be lots of time for socializing with one another.

The organizers of the expo are accepting applications from anyone who is interested in acting as an exhibitor during the event. They noted that there will be as many 3,500 people participating throughout the two days of the symposium, and went on to say that these attendees will be highly engaged and interested in the information the exhibitors will be sharing. Ad specialties and other promotional products for distribution during an large event like this can be provided by a local printer.

The Fertility and Adoption Expo, which has been planned to be both informative and supportive, will be held in the Vancouver Convention Center on January 13 and 14. More information can be found on its website.