Vancouver event to explore natural baby hygiene options

October 2, 2017 by  

A workshop that will teach mothers and mothers-to-be how to craft their very own baby care products form natural and non-toxic ingredients will soon be held in Vancouver, and the organizer is currently accepting registrations to participate.

Those who come to the DIY Toxic Free Baby and Mama Care Products will learn how they can use an assortment of ingredients to craft baby and beauty products that are both natural and safe. They will make diaper rash cream, baby shampoo, a baby wipe spray and a special spray that can be used to ease pain and discomfort in the perineal area that can often be very sore during the postpartum period.

Along with making the hygiene products, there will be a discussion of the best practices to follow when using them. Each person who comes out will not only be able to take the items they made home with them, but can also walk away with a set of recipes so they can make them once they are at home. Booklet printing can be used to make handouts like this.

The ticket price for the workshop starts at $60, and group discounts will be available for those who plan on attending with someone else. It will be held on November 19 at 1675 Main Street in Vancouver. More details can be found on the organizer’s Facebook page.