Milton residents invited to have their say

September 28, 2017 by  

The town of Milton has been putting in a lot of effort to enhance and upgrade its public transit system, and it is seeking the public’s input into what steps it can take to improve it.

The Let’s Talk Transit sessions will be held both in person and online, so anyone who has an opinion or idea they would like to share will be able to do so. The results of these community input session will be collected and reviewed by the town and consultants MMM Group, and then used to develop a Transportation Master Plan.

According to the town, the goal is to take a proactive approach to transit that will take into account future population growth and expansion. It went on to say that this will include alternative forms of transportation such as cycling and walking.

In an effort to provide the public with information about its current efforts, such as its 2017 Milton Transit Accessibility Plan, the Town of Milton has made these available for people to peruse before the meeting. A local printer that provides binding services will be able to supply bound copies of documents such as these.

The community feedback session will be held on October 4 in the lobby of the Milton Sports Centre, while the online session will run from October 6 to 13. A copy of the Milton Transit Accessibility Plan and other information, and also further details about the input session, can be found on the town’s website.