Calgary event to share secrets of successful ethical marketing

September 11, 2017 by  

A workshop will soon be held in Calgary that will explore a variety of methods that an owner can use to make a business profitable without having to sacrifice their ethics to do so.

Marketing for Hippies 101: How to Grow Your Green and Holistic Business will cover a variety of areas that can lead to business success. It will be facilitated by Ted Hargrave, who has a lot of experience in business development and marketing that uses methods that do not come at the expense of others or the Earth. It is geared towards product developers, company owners and others who have a “green” or other ecofriendly enterprise.

During the event, those who attend will learn about how they can attract more customers without breaking their budget doing so, how to approach different sorts of consumers, and also how to craft a marketing plan that they feel is ethical. They are asked to bring along copies of any promotional materials they use, and a note pad and pen so they can jot down any points they want to remember. A printing service provider will be able to supply workbooks and other materials for a workshop like this.

No fee has been set to take part in this event, but each person is asked to pay $25 to hold their seat. Once the function is over, they will be able to pay based on their ability and also how much value they feel it had for them. It has been planned for October 3 at Yoga MCC.