Abbotsford course to teach hose handling skills

August 23, 2017 by  

If a firefighting crew is to successfully battle a fire, having a good hose handling technique can make a big difference, and an upcoming Abbotsford event will teach these skills.

The Nozzle Forward class, which is intended for both volunteers and professional firefighters, will teach those who participate a system of managing their hose and also how this can affect their plan of fire attack. It will focus on using aggressive methods for both fires indoors and outside.

The instruction will be provided using both lecture and hands on techniques, and those who attend are reminded to bring along their turnout gear. The first morning will be devoted to discussion, whereas the rest class will see students learning practical application of the system.

Lunch will be provided and the training is being offered through the support of Training Resurrected, which is group of B.C. firefighters continuously seeking to upgrade their skills. A printer will be able to utilize binding services to create manuals and other teaching materials for a course such as this.

The Nozzle Forward fire control training session will be held on November 30th and December 1st at the Abbotsford Fire and Rescue Training Centre, and more details, as well as an opportunity to register to participate, can be found on its Facebook event listing.