3D printing services promise revolutionary way of printing

November 28, 2010 by  

3D printing services that may make their way to Pickering one day promise customers a revolutionary way of looking at the printing process. Chances are that most people still have printers which use conventional, 2D technology. This means that you likely cannot print 3D models.

However, technology that is still in its infancy is making 3D printing more and more popular, and it surely is already interesting enough. 3D printers employ a technology that has the ability to create 3D models from merely one computer design; this technology is based on a procedure that layers the model and then squirts the ink.

This printing service involves as its primary step first the acquisition of 3D imaging software, yet this does not have to be a prohibitive factor as such software is quite available online for free these days. An example of such a free software comes from none other than Google and its Sketchup software. This software features an easy-to-learn interface and even 3D models that you can download for no extra charge.

After such software designs your 3D model, printing services then use 3D printers that go through the process of turning your 3D software-designed models into reality. The only prohibiting factor in this case is the high cost of the 3D printers, which run in the several thousands of dollars, too expensive for most people to afford.

So before printing services that print in 3D make their way to Pickering, you may want to start practicing with your free 3D imaging software. Just in case.